Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 5) – Suica the Penguin

I think it is not necessary to restate my obsession with penguins. In Tokyo, one of there main metro line called JR has a mascot of a little penguin! Designed by illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki, Suica the penguin is a cute little thing featured everywhere in the train stations. Seeing a niche and a customer base, JR company has developed a whole line of merchandise featuring this little penguin. From mugs to tablecloth, from toys to stationery, anything you can think of, Suica probably has its own version.

You can find Suica products at certain bookstores and convenience stores called Newsdays that are located inside JR train stations.


This is where I bought a collection of Suica stickers~ This shop is well stocked and I bought the Suica calendar under a last-day panic shopping spur.

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Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 4) – Bunbougu Café at Omotesandou

On our Tokyo trip, we happen to stumble upon the famous Bunbougu Cafe at Omotesandou. Our original objective is the famous pork cutlet restaurant (Seimai) next door. Since we have to wait a while before the restaurant opens, we decided to check out stores near by.

This entrance of this place has a large pen logo, and Kanji depicting “Stationery”. I must go down there! and what a treasure cove we found~


Along the long stairway downstairs are displays of Moleskine notebooks. The examples include artworks, photography, collages, and more artistic ways you can use your journal.

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Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 3) – Kitte at Tokyo Station


Kitte is located at the Marunouchi South Gate of Tokyo Train Station. It’s is a renovated commercial building from the former Tokyo Central Post Office and now host many different stores and tenants. This spot was initially on my to-see list because Suica of the JR Line has opened a new cafe “Suica-fe” to celebrate their 10th anniversary of the electronic currency system.

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Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 2) – Parco at Ikebukuro

During our trip to Tokyo, Japan, we stayed in the Ikebukuro area because of its convenient location. Here in this busy conjunction there are about 5 to 6 major department stores. After splurging and spending a lot of time at LOFT in Seibu, I decided to pop by PARCO which is actually connected to the Seibu Department store. This mall is targeted toward younger customers and has many fashionable clothes and commodities. My main goal of course is to look at stationery and accessories. After doing some research, I went to the 6th floor of the building, where there is the famous Sekaido (世界堂).

Sekaido is actually an art supply store stocking professional tools and accessories, but it also has a large selection of commercial stationery. To a stationery addict, I almost had a heart attack seeing so many pens and papers all tightly packed together like this.

In addition, it wasn’t until I look back at the photos that I realize that many items in this store is currently on sale (20% off)!! (bang head against wall). Does anyone have a time machine that can take me back to Tokyo again?


This is Pilot Coleto’s multi pen collection. The pattern of the pen is just amazing. Even though I’m a hard-core fan of Uni Style fit’s ball pens, I can’t help but be attracted to these beautiful pens. This series is a collaboration with the clothing brand “Earth music & ecology”.

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Tokyo Stationery Eye Candy (Part 1) – LOFT at Seibu, Ikebukuro

Tokyo Fall Leaves trip~ I’ve been waiting for this trip since purchasing the plane tickets way back in May!!

The last time I’ve been to Tokyo was when I’ve just graduated high school. Since then, I’ve developed a passion for stationery and all thing planners related, and it was also then when Japanese stationery items are introduced to Taiwan’s market. Naturally, I was obsessed with it and couldn’t wait to go shop in the variety of stationery stores based in Japan. Even if I don’t have the budget to purchase everything in sight (no matter the temptation and urge to do so), just feasting on the giant selection is gratifying enough.

From giant outlets featuring pen and paper products to local stores selling stamps and postcards, I’m gonna visit them all! (as if it is possible)

The first leg of my stationery eye candy journey begins at Ikebukuro 池袋, the huge and busting district where we will be staying for the five day journey. LOFT is a Japanese chain store that sells everyday commodities, from kitchen supplies, electronic goodies, home decor, and of course, the reputable stationery selection. By the West entrance of the busy Ikebukuro train station is Seibu, a large department store. LOFT itself took up the whole 9-12th floor of the building, one of the largest LOFT chain store in the city.

On my list are cocofusen label stickers, Hobonichi (of course), schedule stickers, and anything interesting I can find. From the 9th floor a showcase of 2015 planners are set up right by the elevator. This is just a small fraction of what I’m going to see on the 12th floor (the stationery floor).


Piles and piles of planners/journals all stacked up. Japanese really do value the use of planners in professional work. These plain covers are marketing to the everyday business man, and they even have famous actors as testimony in their ads.

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Puppy Escape

I’ve been staring at the little puppies rumbling around inside the computer screen for a whole month now. provides live stream of service dog puppies (these months featuring ECAD (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) labrador puppies) 24 hours a day. We can watch them rolling and biting and living the carefree puppy days all the time.

Lately they’ve been really active and has actually managed to climb out of the litter box! Fortunately I watched the whole antic live, and decided to put together this short comic piece 🙂 Enjoy!

Puppyescape_page1 Puppyescape_page2 Puppyescape_page3 Puppyescape_page4 Puppyescape_page5 Puppyescape_page6 Puppyescape_page7 Puppyescape_page8

Treasure Hill Artist Village 寶藏巖

Remember I visited a very secluded culture place in Bangkok called Baan Silapin, the Artist’s house? Turns out, in Taipei there’s another place such as this called the Treasure Hill Artist Village: Bao Zhang Yen.


Located in Gongguan, Treasure Hill Artist Village consisted of multiple old houses and buildings all entwined together. Set high up in the hill, it has small trails that leads to several artists and designers’ workshops. The whole village was at the same time covered with art and left well alone. My aunt invited me to their photography club’s monthly outing to this destination. I know I often go to Gongguan for their delicious street food and its prestigious university, but I never knew such a culturally preserved and artistic place exists!

At the entrance is a traditional Chinese temple with the village’s name sake: 寶藏巖寺 (Bao Zhang Yen Temple). However, the real village is far from traditional. It is home to several art studios and hosts many exhibitions for artists, writers, and lovers of art and culture.


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HOTown Trendy Sichuan Cuisine 紅堂新川味

Yesterday Taipei’s temperature measured 37°C, what a brutal summer. I don’t know what has gotten into my mom’s mind, but she suggested we go out for Sichuan cuisine.


Sichuan cuisine is famous for their hot hot HOT peppers. Each plate are typically laden with bloody red flakes of sichuan pepper, a plate of fiery hell if you would.

But some medical sources claim that eating spicy food helps your body dissipate heat. Spicy food are also more “kaiwei (開胃)” or more appetising, as my mom claims.

For dinner we decided to try out HOTown Trendy Sichuan Cuisine across the street from our place. The decor is dark with red undertone. We were seated at one of the round tables with rotating tops, the traditional Chinese way, since all dishes are meant to be shared.

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Tutti Cafe

My sister and I fell into the habit of coffee shop surfing since coming back from Bangkok. We always carry a book around in our bags, just in case we find a cafe. However, it was especially hard to do that in our neighbourhood years before, since Starbucks was our only option, and it’s usually packed and only has tiny seats.

Photo 2014-6-21 下午3 04 19_Fotor

I believe everyone has their favourite corner coffee shop where they can hole up for the whole afternoon, listening to music and nursing their americano (or in my case, a giant latte). Coffee shops are dotting each street and corner in Taipei right now, but how often do you find one that just “clicks” and you keep going back to?

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Cafe Galette

So many different types of cafes are popping up all around Taipei nowadays. The national dream of each Taiwanese to own their own coffee shop is definitely coming true for many. Two years ago I was surprised at how Seoul has so many coffee shops in each block, but Taipei is quickly catching up. It’s interesting to see how many cafes are taking on unique experiences to differ itself from their competition.

Photo 2014-7-7 下午1 24 10_Fotor

Just this afternoon, my friend and I were hanging around Gongguan, feeling kind of bored and have a whole afternoon to while away. We did a quick search on nearby cafe, and came across this fun place: Cafe Galette (葛樂蒂咖啡館).

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